• First video game inspired by Shakespeare’s comedy inspired
    us to invent new game genre – an interactive play

  • “SoA” is MMO game with more than 50,000 registered players worldwide. Play this isometric historical strategy game, that depicts life in the Arabian peninsula in the middle ages.

  • You have a game project on your mind and need a good team?

Crowded Room Studio is an Indi game studio that creates high quality games that are contemporary, but at the same time routed in the history of the world, its people and culture, bringing you a bold range of games with historical, educational, real or fictional setting that will be fun, but at the same time change your perspective on the world.

Boris Johnson played our game


Our mission:

Our mission: to create games that are contemporary, but at the same time routed in the history of the world. To bring you a bold range of games with historical, educational, real or fictional setting that are fun, but at the same time change your perspective on the world.

Our story: not long but still juicy

We are a group of likeminded, in-love-with-tech-and-games people.
It all started in December 2014. when we have gathered around a client game we were making for Arabic peninsula, under company name “Agoul”. We have built the video game from the scratch. And grew with it. From concept to security – Sheiks of Arabia took shape and now we are proud to say that the game has 20.000 players worldwide.
Our energy turned into synergy.
Requests for business apps started coming and a well-played team kept developing.

We enjoyed the ride, but games were still our passion, and creating great experiences for players what we wanted to peruse.
In June 2016. we were honored to win the “Share Shakespeare Prize” for the best concept in year of celebrating 400 years of great William Shakespeare’s work. That is when the first video game inspired by literature was made in a 2D Pixel Art JRPG manner, and when we created a new genre – an interactive play.
In that time Agoul become Crowded Room Studio, an Indi game studio with a clear vision. Also, our studio became too crowded, and development team become Wit and apps, and the gaming core continued to create worlds under Crowded Room Studio name. It continued to dream big and work hard.

In the year 2017. along with promoting “A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Replayed” we started working on two more projects. A Global War Theater and Sorcerers Island, two games we are deeply excited about.

And to plan others.

Stay tuned.


Bojan Trobok
Bojan Trobok


Ljubisa Avgustin
Ljubisa Avgustin

Lead game designer

Tanja Trobok
Tanja Trobok

Business development manager

Milan Kerevica
Milan Kerevica

lead developer

Media corner

With the announcment of Share Shakespeare Prize winning concept 'A Midsummer Night's Dream – Replayed' our team recieved amazing media attention. It all started with official British Council anouncment and than many other followed. Press, both online and printed, television and radio interviews as well the conference too - we are honoured with great antitipation of this unique video game. Here are some of them


backage stories

What we are good at

Our sweat and tears turned into experience
Game desing

Fresh and innovative game design with a deep knowledge and understanding of games from their birth to today.  We don’t just like to make games, we strive towards perfection.


A Wide range of approaches to art, both more traditional forms as well as contemporary ones. Our artists are masters of their trade and can create beautiful visuals and audio to are sure to hit your high note.


Implementing functional solutions that are easy to use and tick like a clock. We dabble in most programming languages, so we can surely fit your needs.

Data security

Your data is safe with us. We put special care into our clients and users data security, as well as payment security. With us, you are as safe as can be.

AB game testing

End to end testing to ensure bug-free results. Bugs are what pulls back any development, but with our team of experienced individuals, we make sure that all bugs are fixed post-haste.

Project management

Agile management, you will know where you stand every step of the way. Our personal touch and availability is what makes us shine.

  • CRS members Tanja and Ljubiša announced  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” game on the conference and fair ‘New Technologies in Education 2017’ in Belgrade 

  • CRS received much media attention while producing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” video game

  • Proud to be listed as a trusted company by independent research center Clients Opinions. Certificate validates that no negative comments about our company are present on the internet. It feels good to be recognized for the hard work put in a cause we believe in.